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Scared of Ferret

CD | Silber 74 11 Tracks | 38 minutes
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Moodring is centered around Rollerball's Monte Allen & Mae Starr. While it’s easy to hear that Moodring is awesome, other words to describe them are a bit harder to come by. The presence of piano & clarinet give a free post-jazz flavor. Mae Starr’s ghostly vocals sound like the lounge music on a sinking ship. The deep groove jams sink in to form some kind of modern American gamelan sound. The music is so raw & infectious & immediate that it feels more proto-everything than post-anything. So just soak it in & sink into the doom.
Larry Yes / Bob Corn - Love Calls
7" 2008 | NPR 10
4 tracks
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Love Calls is an international collaboration of artists and labels. A 7” vinyl memento released between North Pole Records (American) and Fooltribe Dischi (Italian). This sweet collaboration of native Oregonian music / love channeler, Larry Yes, and Italian farmer / wanderer, Tiziano Sgarbi, aka Bob Corn has each artist performing an original song and then covering a song by the other. Bob Corn sings in poignant accented english with an acoustic guitar. Songs of longing, memory, and love. His grammar may be incorrect but his observations are unique descriptions of transatlantic truths. Larry Yes continues the strumming as well as bringing swooning horns and suitcase drums along for some moments of stoned wandering. Larry Yes has released 5 solo cds over the past 10 years and recorded / toured Europe and America solo and in Art of Flying, Six Foot Sloth, and The Pink Widower. Bob Corn has two cds on Fooltribe and is probably playing somewhere in the world as you read this.
-500 copies.
-Love Calls European Tour October 08
-Love Calls American tour March 09

Starbage Hands- Rollerball, Miss Massive Snowflake, Nextdoor Neighbors Halloween '08 Concert Poster
2 Color Silkscreen
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Another wonderfully executed Rollerball poster.
Starbage Hands-
Set of 4 blank cards with matching envelopes

4 Designs | 2 Color Letterpress
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A beautifully printed set of blank greeting cards. Line drawings of children, letterpressed on metallic sparkle white paper with matching sparkle envelope.
Goodbye East Goodbye West LP

1 Color LetterpressLP | Gaarden 02
Justin Lucas delivers this great drawing of trees and foliage for a 500 print run of Madagascar LP's on Gaarden Records. It turned out with a nice deep impression and I really like how we did it on matte paper.
Hotel Hotel: The Sad Sea Hotel Hotel  - The Sad Sea
CD 2008 | Silber 064
8 tracks, 44 minutes
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Instrumental post rock inspired by a torturous ocean journey.  The sounds of hurricanes funneled through violins, guitars, drums, & effect pedals.  Feel yourself sinking into the ocean of sound.

Letterpress, silkscreen, diecutting, and design for musicians, artists, and everyday people since 1995.

Starbage Hands specializes in small run projects, independent artists, and a wide variety of unique handmade paper packaging options for CD, DVD, LP, 7”, and 10” projects as well as posters, t-shirts, wedding invites, and business cards.

Prints on paper, fabric, plastic, and wood are created using letterpress, silkscreen, stencil, drawing, and photography. Starbage Hands can also diecut, design, and detail your project from conception to finished piece.


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